Kill it

Apologies if you’ve seen it. Keep reading! Some profiles coming out soon

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New Frontiers

This wild German lady kills it with some ill, inventive tricks, but should probably lose the goofy outfit if she wants to gain any street cred. Take note of how low her gear ratio is.

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Fresh Footage

This video is more artistically sound than it is innovative in terms of tricks, but the shadow and lighting make it worth watching.

In other news, ReadySetDC, “a creative urban enterprise,” features a new District bike everyday on their blog, but you can also receive updates by following their Twitter account.  Maybe one day your bike will make it.

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Happy Holidays

Hopefully somebody woke up with something this pretty next to their tree. Happy holidays everyone, and check out the blog for future posts!

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What’s goodie, DC?! I know it’s been too long since the blog has been updated, but Fixed in DC is now back in action and ready to flourish (despite the snow still on the ground, probably ruining your scene).  In the future, expect some profiles of fixie riders from across the area, information about upcoming events, product releases, and more consistently good blogging. Another strength of the blog is the “Stolen Bikes,” posts that had to be put up from time to time. Just comment or send an email if your bike goes missing and we’ll be sure to help spread the message until the perpetrator is served some real justice.

While recently there’s been a lot of talk about how DC is often disenfranchised from its due respect when it comes to art and overarching creative scenes when compared to NYC, I know all you good people rep the District well enough to know DC has got the same magic. That being said, I found two really cool bicycle building operations out of New York that were worth sharing. The first, Bertelli Biciclette Assemblate, will charge the hell out of you for a custom fixie that received just as much attention (to details) as you received as a baby.  Head on over to the site for more pictures.

The second notable assembly company is the Bamboo Bike Studio, based in Brooklyn. I heard about it via an NPR article you can read here.  The picture below is pretty impressive, but all this hype about NY is making me ill. In the future, it’s back to DC!

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